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EBDVF 2020 aims to continue the success of the previous editions, which were attended on average by 600 participants and especially industry professionals, business developers, researchers, and policymakers coming from over 40 countries.

For this latest edition, the programme focused on “AI and Big Data Transforming Business and Society” and the event welcomed more than 90 speakers coming from the public sector, innovative companies, leading research bodies and exciting startups. The programme also covered a breadth of technology topics (Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, European AI R&D Strategy, AI, Data and Robotics PPP, European Data Sharing Space and Personal Data Space, High-Performance Computing, Security, Trust, and Privacy-Preserving Technologies) and many different industrial sectors (i.e. Telecommunication, Transport, Smart Manufacturing, Bio-economy, Health, Smart Cities, Energy, Earth Observation and Finance).

The first edition of EBDVF was organised in Versailles in 2017 and focused on “Trusted AI in Smart Industry”.

The second edition happened in Vienna in 2018 as an official event of the Austrian EU Presidency and covered the topic of “Data-Driven AI for the Future”.

The 2019 edition of EBDVF took place in Helsinki last October and was an associated event to the Finnish EU presidency.