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This track addresses the current challenges that arise at the interface between Big Data and autonomous systems for industry and the development of autonomous systems. Especially the interface between data infrastructures, data access and data sharing on the one hand and autonomous systems or robots on the other:

  • What are the biggest challenges in terms of Big Data and robotics (e.g. real-time data streams and latency)?
  • Which data infrastructures are needed to support the development of interactive, context aware, adjustable, learning autonomous systems?
  • How can improve access to data to advance the development of autonomous systems?
  • Do we need more cooperation regarding large amounts of data for autonomous systems and how can we foster cooperation?

In order to meet these challenges, questions arise regarding options for action and the development of strategies:

  • How can research and development help the industry?
  • How can a European way be developed to strengthen AI and autonomous systems and strengthen Europe's position in international competition?
  • Which industrial strategy is necessary for Europe and what could it look like?

To discuss these challenges and issues, the track will bring together industry representatives from the US, China and the EU and robotics researchers.


Frank Kirchner
DFKI/Platform Lernende Systeme

speakers 200px_ANIBAL OLLERO

Anibal Ollero
Universidad de Sevilla/euRobotics

Topics of Interest
  • Focus on interfaces of the two communities Big Data and autonomous systems
  • Discussing challenges at the interface between Big Data and autonomous systems and possible solutions and strategies to overcome these challenges
Expected and targeted outcome
  1. Identify key challenges at the interface between Big Data and autonomous systems and possible measures to tackle these challenges
  2. Sparke debate on possible strategies for the Industry and the European Union
  3. Raise awareness for the topics discusses and formulate theses for future discussions and strategy building
  4. Possible publications to document the track
Relevant initiatives
  • EC Data Strategy
  • BDVA Position Paper v2 (Towards a Euro-governed Data Sharing Space)
  • IDSA Design Principles and functional Building Blocks for Data Spaces