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This track will focus on how Data-Driven AI solutions are transforming the different economic sectors of society, from transport to finance and from agriculture to logistics. The main session of this track will concentrate on transport, mobility and logistics. Big Data and AI can optimise important elements within the sphere of mobility, including all modes of transport such as road, rail, aviation and waterways as well as traffic flow systems. In the main session of this track, we want to identify concrete use cases for Big Data and AI in the field of Transport/Mobility/Logistics. Areas of interest are comprising but not limited to:

  • Networking and interaction between systems
  • Availability of transport fleets and infrastructures
  • Human-machine interaction (HMI) in mobility
  • Defining the concept of an overarching mobility platform

Christoph Peylo
Bosch Center of Artificial Intelligence/Platform Lernende Systeme


Vivian Kiousi

Topics of Interest

A safer, more flexible and more economical way to get from A to B by road, rail or water – Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can play an important part in achieving this vision.

Expected and targeted outcome
  1. A concept how information related to the use cases should be prepared the relevant target groups and made available to heterogeneous user groups.
  2. An argumentation if and how an overarching mobility platform could play a role in that.
Relevant initiatives
  • EC Data Strategy
  • BDVA Position Paper v2 (Towards a Euro-governed Data Sharing Space)
  • IDSA Design Principles and functional Building Blocks for Data Spaces