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Data Governance, Data Usage, Federation of Data Spaces, Scale AI in Europe

This track will bring together leading initiatives that are paving the way for what could become functional implementations of European-governed data sharing spaces. For Europe to compete at an international level, its smaller but highly diversified data producers need to join forces. The European Data Strategy outlines a roadmap to enable and realise data sharing spaces as a means to power up AI in Europe by increasing access to data. The longterm vision is for an initial number of sector-based data sharing spaces to interoperate. The need to comply with European values, ethics and legislation when handling data should not be considered restrictive, but as a safeguard for risk-free data sharing that encourage increased participation. In this track, we want to move beyond the ‘What’ and consider ‘How’ all this can be achieved through convergence and standardization efforts by projects, organisations and other entities possessing the right technical know-how, experiences and commitment.

speakers 200pxLARS NAGEL

Lars Nagel


Simon Scerri

speakers 200px_EDWARD CURRY

Edward Curry

Topics of Interest
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Sharing Infrastructures, Architectures
  • Major Initiatives & Technical approaches (IDSA, EOSC, SCDS, AIOTI)
Expected and targeted outcome
  1. Expectations from EC Data Strategy.
  2. Identify most urgent actions, actors.
  3. How can BDVA help converge efforts?
Relevant initiatives
  • EC Data Strategy
  • BDVA Position Paper v2 (Towards a Euro-governed Data Sharing Space)
  • IDSA Design Principles and functional Building Blocks for Data Spaces