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speakers 200px_Khalil Rouhana

Khalil Rouhana

Deputy Director
General DG CNET
European Commission

speakers 200px_anja karliczek

Anja Karliczek

Federal Minister of
Education and Research
and Chair of Plattform
Lernende Systeme
at German government

speakers 200px_thomas jarzombek

Thomas Jarzombek

Commissioner for the
Digital Industry
and Start-ups and
Federal Government Coordinator
of German Aerospace Policy
at German government

speakers 200px

Thomas Hahn

President of

Chief Software Expert

speakers 200px_karl-heinz streibich

Karl-Heinz Streibich

Chair of the Plattform
Lernende Systeme

President of Acatech
National Academy of Science
and Engineering

speakers 200pxfrankm

Frank Melzer

Member of the Mgmt Board Product and Technology
Festo AG & Co.

KG and Head of the
Steering Committee
Plattform Industrie 4.0

speakers 200pxVOLKER

Volker Markl

Chief Scientist at DFKI

Full Professor

Plattform Lernende Systeme

Database Systems and Information
Mgmt Group Technische Universität Berlin

speakers 200px_HANNA HENNING

Hanna Henning

Chief Information Officer

speakers 200px_HENNING KAGERMAN

Henning Kagermann

Professor, former CEO
SAP Acatech

speakers 200px_WOLFGANG

Wolfgang Wahlster

Professor of
Artificial Intelligence,
Founding director
and CEA of DFKI

Lernende Systeme

speakers 200px_RAMYSROTHE

Rasmus Rothe

Merantix AG

Joanna Bryson

Joanna Bryson

Professor of Ethics
and Technology
Hertie School

Philipp Slusallek

Philipp Slusallek

Scientific Director
& Professor

Saarland University &
Plattform Lernende Systeme

Thomas Wiegand

Thomas Wiegand


Executive Director
at TU Berlin


Isabel del Pozo

Isabel del Pozo

VP Head of Airspace
at Airbus

Feiyu Xu

Feiyu Xu

Global Head of
Artificial Intelligence
at SAP

Christoph Peylo

Christoph Peylo

Global Head of Bosch Center
for Artificial Intelligence
Platform Lernende Systeme

Raja Chatila

Raja Chatila

Professor emeritus
Université Sorbonne

speakers 200px_mateo valero

Mateo Valero

Director at Barcelona
supercomputing centre

speakers 200px_henk

Henk van Houten

Executive Vice President
Chief Technology Officer
at Royal Philips